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Sparring is an very important aspect of any serious Martial Arts training regimen.  Students wear protective gear which enables them to work with other students without the fear of injury.  Students "mock fight" using the moves they have been taught in class.  This interaction with other students builds self-confidence and esteem.  Parents of participating children will be encouraged to watch sparring class.  Sparring class is held in a non-competitive, learning atmosphere. 

Due to insurance and continuity, sparring gear must be purchased through Mr. Alba and the YMCA.  No other gear will be allowed.

Use the coupon below to purchase your gear.   

Gear Includes:

   Headgear    Kicks    Chops    Shin/Instep

                  Chest Guard          Mouth Guard 


As the Chest Guard is no longer optional, please add $40.00 to the total package. Now $205.00.

Groin protection is required for safety and can be purchased at most department stores.